This is a fighting game in one dimension.

Push your opponent to the edge to win a point. First to 5 points wins the game!

Popular fighting games can be inaccessible due to significant execution and knowledge requirements. Super Line Fighter 1D presents key fighting game fundamentals such as spacing, baiting out the opponent's moves, and solid "footsies" in a clean and simple way.

Note: we highly recommend playing the multiplayer mode if you can, but if you can't there is also a single-player mode with our AI. If you don't have anyone nearby to play with, software such as Parsec can be used to play online.

Made for GMTK Jam 2019


- A/D for player 1, left/right arrows for player 2: Move left and right.
- W for player 1, up arrow for player 2: Attack in the direction you are facing. If it connects, it will knock your opponent backwards.
- S for player 1, down arrow for player 2: Dodge. This makes you invulnerable for a short period of time.
- E for player 1, shift for player 2: Teleport a short distance in the direction you're facing. This move takes a while to recharge after using.


Made with HaxeFlixel.

Design and programming by Colin Lu, Jon Schneider, and Anderson Wang.

Music by Anderson Wang.


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